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ArchieScan is the leading Blockchain Explorer, Search, API and Analytics Platform for ARC(Archie Blockchain), a decentralized smart contracts platform. Built and launched in 2023 it is one of the safest and fastest running independent project built around ARC and its community with the mission of providing equitable access to blockchain data.

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ARC network statistics

ArchieScan is a service on which any user can view ARC network statistics. The main task of the platform is to display information about the latest blocks and transactions of the network.


ArchieScan is the most trusted tool for navigating through all the public data on the ArchieChain (Archie Blockchain). This data includes transaction data, wallet addresses, smart contracts and much more.


The team behind ArchieScan includes seasoned developers and industry professionals, who developed the ArchieScan app to make the ArchieChain more accessible to everyday users

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What is ArchieScan Used for?

Is ArchieScan A Wallet?

  • ArchieScan is not an Archie wallet, nor is it a wallet service provider. Users don’t receive an ArchieScan wallet when they search the ArchieChain on ArchieScan.
  • ArchieScan is an independent Archie-based block explorer. The ArchieScan app keeps track of blockchain transactions on the Archie network. The app then displays the results like a search engine.
  • This allows users to find the details of transactions on the Archie blockchain, which may give someone peace of mind if their transferred funds have not yet appeared in their wallet.
  • While ArchieScan can track the activity on an Archie wallet address, users will need to link the app to an existing crypto wallet to do so.
  • You may wonder — Is ArchieScan free to use? Yes, ArchieScan is completely free.

ArchieScan Used For?

ArchieScan allows users to view the assets held on any public Archie wallet address. Using ArchieScan, enter any Archie address into the search box to see the current balance and transaction history of the wallet under consideration. ArchieScan will also display any gas fees and smart contracts involving that address.

Users can use ArchieScan to:

  • Calculate Archie gas fees with the ArchieScan gas tracker
  • View the crypto assets held in or associated with a public wallet address
  • Observe live transactions taking place on the Archie blockchain
  • Lookup a single transaction made from any Archie wallet
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